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Our core business is the development and production of valves, hydrants and accessories for water and gas distribution, sewage treatment and fire protection.

AVK is an international group created through the efforts of dedicated people. We believe in basic strategies such as being innovative, keeping our business simple and being close to our markets and customers staying focused on their needs.

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The AVK Group is a privately owned industrial group currently comprising +100 companies worldwide. We develop and produce valves, hydrants and accessories for water and gas distribution, sewage treatment and fire protection. Furthermore, AVK has built up strong brands supplying products and solutions for various industrial sectors and within advanced manufacturing. Our products are designed to meet international standards and are sold worldwide. When dealing with the AVK Group expect quality, reliability, functionality and long lifetime in service.




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AVK brought old hydrants back to life by supplying new retrofitted hydrant covers with an integrated sensor and a communication system.
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First section well installed in large pressure management project

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AVK fire products in huge international project

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Excellent quality fought harsh conditions

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Utilisation of water resources in Israel

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Non-revenue water reduction in Malaysia

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A future with minimised water loss

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Chambered air valve success in UK market

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Butterfly valves for infrastructure storage site upgrade

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AVK valves in new biogas plant in Denmark

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AVK knife gate valves in newly renovated wastewater treatment plant

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Norway: Connecting cities with new main water supply

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109-year-old Glenfield pressure reducing valves refurbished

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Automatic flow control valves at water treatment works in Yorkshire

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AVK to supply quality valves and hydrants to King Abdullah Economic City

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Gas holder site regeneration project assures optimum efficiency and security

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Pipework efficiency through AVK air valves

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Central Highlands Water invests in AVK/Glenfield cone valve

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Upgraded sewage treatment works - Wyong, Australia

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Butterfly valves for refurbishment activities in water treatment plant

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AVK supplying air conditioning valves to data centers

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Non-revenue water management in Bulgaria

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Sustainable energy: From biomass to electricity

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A Water Corporation project improving drinking water quality and supply efficiency

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Historic city gets state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants

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Scottish Water: Glenhove and Gowanbank pumping stations, UK

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Positive environmental impact of (AVK) plastics

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AVK products in largest biogas plant in Southern Europe

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Large-scale project for efficient water supply management reducing critical water losses

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AVK UK supplying products to wastewater treatment works

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The world's largest cruise ship in Dutch port with Wouter Witzel butterfly valves aboard!

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30 luxury cruise ships from Italy get equipped with waste gas purification systems

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Invicta Valves – Lee Tunnel project

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New opportunities for AVK products in the European gas network

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AVK assists in cost-effective, eco-friendly centralisation project at Danish wastewater plant

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Water is a scarce ressource. By adding inadequate distribution management, we are faced with a more invisible, yet crucial problem: water loss, also referred to as non-revenue water, or NRW.

Learn more about non-revenue water here, and get inspired by the many ways of managing a global ressource problem.

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